Cancel and Return

What is the duration applicable for returning a product purchased on BrandsfromItaly?

The return policy differs from one product to another vice versa the relevant duration. BrandsfromItaly has mapped out a particular timeline according to which return policies are drafted. For lifestyle and Fashion products, a 30 day return policy is valid.

How does BrandsfromItaly resolve return related problems?

BrandsfromItaly takes care to cater to any complaint and issue a buyer might have with a given purchase. We have a reliable and efficient complaint verification process following which we initiate the process of the return. We redress the issues through this mechanism. In case, a particular product cannot be replaced, there will be a full refund granted to the particular buyer.

How can I file for a return?

BrandsfromItaly is committed to make any transaction on your website absolutely easy for you. For your convenience, we have devised a few very simple steps to request for a return. As you log into your account, click on My Orders. Under the My Orders tab, you need to click on the return option. This will ask for a few requisite details. Please make sure that you provide the accurate product description for the item to be returned. You can courier the particular product along with bill to the given address. After we receive it then within 30 days your product will reach to you.

Where can I get information about the Replace policies of a particular seller?

The Replace policies on a given product is mentioned against the very product on the Product Page. The respective policies and the procedure that must be followed are enunciated along with the description and other important details. In case a particular seller refuses to accommodate your request for Replace and you intend to persist with the Replace request still, you may contact us directly. BrandsfromItaly customer issues resolution mechanisms are aimed at solving such problems.

When are Replace requests for a given product declined?

Not all requests for exchanging of products can be accepted. Consumers need to abide by certain conditions in order to qualify for an Replace.

The request must be filed well within the stipulated time period and the product should not be damaged by any count. A particular product shall only be replace if it is in the same condition as it was received. In case of any missing element of the packaging, including seals, price tags, freebies and accompanying accessories, the replace cannot be carried out.

Are Refunds on returned goods available?

BrandsfromItaly do not provide a refund to the customers .

Once a replacement request has been made, how long does it take to get the replacement?

As soon as we receive the replacement request, we start the procedure for pick up. We shall intimate all details to you via an e-mail. Usually, you will receive the replacement on the day of the pick-up. In other cases, the delivery of the replacement is initiated once the pick-up process is completed. Even here, you will be notified about the potential timeline.

What must I do if the refund takes longer than I had expected?

If you have received an e-mail from our side, confirming the receipt of your replacement request, we assure you that your request has been taken into account and the process is being initiated from our end.

How does the cancellation process work?

You may cancel an order on BrandsfromItaly before your order reaches the shipment stage. You shall receive the full refund against the cancellation of an order. On certain occasions, we also accept cancellation requests after shipment has taken place. We shall refund the amount only when we receive the returned product from the couriers. However, an order cannot be cancelled once it has been delivered to you. We usually take about 1 or 2 business days to fulfill the cancellation process and initiate a refund.

You may follow the procedure given below to cancel an order:

  • Log into your BrandsfromItaly account and go to the 'My Orders' page
  • Identify the item you want to cancel and click on the corresponding 'View Details' link
  • In the detailed order page, you will see 'Cancel' links against each of the items in that order
  • Click on the 'Cancel' link, select the reason for cancellation and confirm cancellation
  • Once your cancellation request is created, we will ensure that the cancellation is processed as soon as possible
What are the different refund on cancellation methods available?

The refund can be rendered to you via the mode you had chosen while making the payment. The latter is called back to the source.